Broken Key Extraction

Did your car key just break off from the car lock? This must have happened because of the :

  1. Key weakness
  2. Extreme cold weather
  3. Presence of residue inside your car lock or ignition system.

Do not attempt to retrieve the key by yourself. That could cause further complications for you. Calling our expert is the most recommended option.

We are a licensed and insured Minneapolis-based car locksmith service provider. We can come to the location of your vehicle and deliver the expected service without wasting your time. We have all the tools needed for resolving broken car key issues. Be it removal from front door locks or ignition cylinders, We use the latest techniques to carefully remove the key out of the customer vehicle ignition switch.

Partnering with us is a less expensive way to extract the broken key out of your vehicle ignition or door lock. You won’t need to replace your ignition system or door lock when we intervene on your challenge.

Once the key is extracted, we highly recommend you to :

  1. Replace your key when it’s starting to wear and tear
  2. Occasionally use lock lubricating tool during winter.

Resist the temptation of forcing your key to turn when it stiffs inside the lock or ignition switch.

Key Extraction Remove a Broken Key from a Car Lock